Fine Instrument Registry™

Content Provider of Records Registration


A Content Provider of Record (CPR) has documented connection to a specific instrument and is one of a few related people who can speak on its behalf. Documented connections can include those who currently or formerly own an instrument, those who have worked on an instrument, and those who have published on an instrument. See a full list of categories of CPRs below.

Becoming a CPR is similar to obtaining a driver’s license. After uploading the required documents, listed below, and passing a vetting process by our team, you will receive a CPR Identification Number. You may use your number to log into the information upload portal to:

  • Register instruments
  • Upload new data to currently registered instruments
  • Mask or unmask information as desired (subject to the Owner CPR in certain circumstances, see below)

Your personal data and your instrument data are separate, so you can independently review your account at any time to:

  • Update your personal information as needed
  • Mask or unmask information as desired

Cost: $$$
Validity: Your status as a CPR will last for three years before requiring renewal

Required documentation

As an individual

  • To be a CPR for a particular instrument, you must have a documented relationship to the particular instrument as a:
    • Current or Previous Owner
    • Maker
    • Player
    • Museum Curator or Independent Academic
    • Published Researcher
    • Expert Technician
    • Expert Appraiser
    • Insurer
    • Legal Advisor
  • Identification documents (such as a passport, driver’s license or official government document of you country)
  • Power of attorney for one or more instruments or pieces of data over which you control but do not own

On behalf of a company or organization

  • To become a CPR, a museum, or other organization or company must appoint a legally authorized representative with a notarized document appointing this person
  • The appointed person(s) must prove their respective identities with one of the identifying documents listed below:
    • Employer Identification Number or similar government identification
    • Notarized authorization

If you meet the requirements, click “Next” to proceed.